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I enjoy shouting into the void posting gacha pulls, liking memes and retweeting original fanartmost of my tweets are about games & fav characters; I actively avoid oversharing about my personal lifefyi I'm very shy in online spaces but I'm always appreciative whenever followers reply/interact with mesemi-selective follow back; it mostly depends on (not necessarily similar but) familiar fandoms and favsI like checking out others' extended abouts (carrd, listography, etc.) ...hopefully you've enjoyed viewing mine
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┈ Dulce Aoba @ Sarg. (Aether) ┈
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Dulce Aoba

The Risensung Fisher

Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Keeper of the Moon
Nameday: 25th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Guardian: Althyk, the Keeper
Grand Company: Maelstrom
Free Company: <<TIDES>>

  • yes, i chickened out on naming her "Dulce De'Leche" because I'm a COWARD (record scratch) and that's why Dulce has the same surname and hair color as Tsumugi "Enstars" Aoba.


self-indulgent headcanons about my Warrior of Light

  • Dulce is a well-learned Seeker of the Moon in her mid-to-late twenties. She is a keen observer with high empathy, patience, and the ability to listen. She grew up sheltered in [some sort of Keeper village in Gridania adjacent to Ul'dah??] and contently stayed there throughout her life.

  • Her dearest friend Fumi is a lifelong resident of [a neighboring miqo Seeker village in Ul'dah??], but they only began to converse with and befriend each other during their mid-adolescence. Fumi is significantly more audacious and willing to try new things than Dulce. Fumi left her friends and family to travel Eorzea and set off on her own adventures in omnicrafting. Years later, Dulce decided to follow suit on an adventure of her own throughout Eorzea (& beyond!) beginning in the far distant city-state of Limsa Lominsa.

  • Dulce lets her hair down from her initial loose braids a few weeks after the events The Vault. While her sights may typically be set on Limsa Lominsa, her heart is always, always in Ishgard.

  • When working alongside the Scions, Dulce oftentimes doubts her Hydaelyn-given wit and street savviness, negatively comparing herself to the Scions' formalized education in Sharlyan.

  • Before the events of 5.3 and the Crystal Exarch, she was timid to wear blue attire, strongly gravitating toward garments dyed wine or rolanberry red. Upon successfully returning to The Source, she has chosen to embrace her individuality by glamouring her garments in woad or void blue dyes.

  • she doesn't like getting her hands dirty, preferring to take up caster DPS and healing classes.

  • she's a devout follower of the Twelve and faithfully ascribes to Eorzean polytheism.

  • Dulce likes dog minions. a lot. she vehemently refutes Miqo'te genetic lineage to cats.

  • she doesn't often read books. she just likes looking at them.




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shipping Sayo with Hina is a grave offense to Sayo's gf, Aya
(。≧ _ ≦。)I explicitly condemn any & all forms of incest

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this page is cringe, just showing off my biases
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I like over-the-air reality US television, you've been warned.
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...I like familiarizing myself with in-game PoGO friends (´・ω・ `)


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